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Can anyone recommend a good place to buy terrarium supplies (glass dish, sand/gravel, plants)? Ideally, I want an open, cylindrical dish about 10" wide and 3" tall.

This dish would be great, but I wonder if there's any place to find something like it for less than $30 (including shipping).

I'm in San Francisco, and have a car. Is it worth checking chain stores like Michael's or Target?

Also, any recommendations on types of plants to consider would be welcome. Ideally, I want to create a miniature landscape (mini-jungle/mini-forest/etc.). I also really like succulents in general, so that would also be a good way to go.
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You can actually get good deals on plants on ebay. (I've been in the market myself.)
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I always find a plethora of terrific terrarium containers at thrift stores. Sand and gravel can be found easily on Amazon, and for the plants themselves, check out garden centers that carry indoor plants. I've found that most of them will usually have a selection of tiny terrarium-friendly plants.
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You can get plants and gravel in small quantities at Paxton Gate. If you find a good dish elsewhere you could keep it <$30.
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I have found the thrift stores around me to be overpriced for glass containers. I had the best luck at Target, Michaels, the Christmas Tree Shop, and the dollar store.
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Are you using live plants? Tillandsia is a genus of "air plants" that do well in terrariums. I've found it at my local nursery, but many vendors on etsy also sell tillandsia and different kinds of mosses that do well in containers.

Thrift stores for dishes. Or sometimes discount home stores (do you have a Tuesday Morning near you?) or a TJ Maxx kind of place will have cheap glass bowls.

Try aquarium stores for gravel and sand.
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The Jar Store has some nice containers.

Some plants: Hirt's Greenhouse.
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Michaels is definitely worth checking but make sure you have a 40 or 50% off coupon. They have them just about every week.
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Believe it or not, I've gotten great glass containers at Marshalls. I checked the store locator (I was afraid they were regional to the NY area) and they have quite a few stores out by you.
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