Fascinating, geeky single-topic web sites from the 90s/early 00s?
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I was thinking back to high school, when I spent hours browsing archives such as the Jargon File, the d20 SRD, and bash.org. Of course, these are just scratching the surface - I read pages and pages of D+D files, funny anecdotes, and interesting stories on personal sites. I miss the magic of diving into a site like that - any recommendations?
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You can very easily lose all track of time in the heady interconnectedness and history of Everything2.
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Response by poster: I love Everything2! I forgot all about it. That's exactly the sort of site I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Jason Scott's archive at textfiles.com is pretty much the sine qua non of that stuff, I thought. It's certainly enough to take ME down memory lane!
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Best answer: Humournet collage archives.
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Try folklore.org if you have any interest in old Apple stuff at all. Loads of interesting stories about the development of the original Mac back in the early '80s.
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I can get lost on TVTropes!
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Best answer: The Phrack archives are loads of fun if you want to get a feel for the hacker/phreaker milieu of the period.
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How about retronaut.com?
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SCP is kind of like that for me. I click links for hours.
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Ah, one more: it looks like the Cult of the Dead Cow archives are also online...lots of bizarro stuff in there, too, also of the hack/phreak world.
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I stumbled on c2.com's wiki from time to time

Once you land on a page you could chase links for hours
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