Remote Web Testing in China
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I need to do some Windows 7 testing in China. Problem: I am not presently in China. Please hope me.

I want to do some very basic client testing, mostly of internet-related activities, using a machine that is physically located in China. I would think a VM host could provide this but I'm having trouble finding one with actual machines in-country. I did check Amazon AWS but they only have a waitlist for a "Preview" of their Beijing operation which is not ready yet. I also checked MS Azure and it seems like maybe they have this but according to this thread on Stack Overflow all of their machines still have US IP addresses.

In a nutshell what I need is:
1. A Windows 7 machine
2. Physically located in China (with a Chinese IP address), preferably Shanghai and/or Beijing
3. Abilitiy to remote into it from the US and load some basic software (e.g. Firefox and some bench-marking plugs)

Anybody have any experience with this?
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Could you use a VPN endpoint in China for this? I did some cursory searches and it looks like there are VPN providers that offer that, though it's hard to find since most people want to VPN out of China.
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