Help me find the correct blade for my hair clipper
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I made this ask mefi question earlier, and got my SO this 5 star Rapid Fire Variable Speed heavy Duty hair Clipper Professional 8233 as a present.  He loves it but complains that it doesn't cut short enough.  The smallest guard it comes with is the "no guard" size 1 pictured here.  I'd like to get him one which cuts much shorter (under 1mm), but there are so many different kinds, labeled 50,40, or 000 or 0000 and some for animals, and some for 5star series but that don't list the 5 star rapid fire.  Can someone please find a site where I can buythe correct one online and have it shipped to him in Europe that is the exact correct fitting blade for his clipper? thanks a lot
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According to the Wahl Five Star product description at the U.S Amazon site, this can take Oster 76 blades (the 76 is just the model designation of the clipper). So any Oster professional replacement blades such as the 0A, or 000 will work. The 0A is a step down from the 1 and the 000 is very bare.

Perhaps Amazon.UK has these?
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I use the 0000 to shave my head (on a Wahl Balding clipper). When it's adjusted properly there's no nicks or cuts or trouble at all.
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Perhaps this isn't the done thing, but can't your partner just use the clipper without any guard at all? My housemate shaves his head entirely bald, and that's what he does - before finishing the job with a hand razor.
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To be clear, these are the blades I'm/we're talking about, not the guards. I use 0000 blades without a guard and it's close enough to allow me to not use a razor at all.
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