Gifs, how do they work?
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Recently, when I've been trying to look at cute animal gifs*, they have changed how they load. Namely, instead of loading slowly the first loop and then running at normal speed thereafter, they are now loading about 1/3 of the gif duration, then starting again from the top and loading another 1/3, then jumping back again to the beginning and loading again. It's not necessarily a three-time pass. Sometimes it makes 4 passes to finally make it through to the end. It didn't used to work this way. What gives? *and even non-cute, non-animal gifs.
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What operating system? What web browser? In all probability, your browser updated itself and changed the way it handles GIF rendering—possibly to reduce memory usage, or to improve page rendering times at the expense of GIF smoothness.
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Oh sorry. Firefox 26.0

Mac OSX.8.5
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Firefox 26 did include a change related to GIF playback. My guess is your internet connection may be slow enough and/or the GIFs you're loading may be large enough that they're just not done loading when playback begins thanks to this change.
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Chrome shows this too. It's likely this algorithm

Start showing frame one, if it's downloaded, show the next frame, if not loop back.
Repeat until fully loaded.
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My internet is indeed very slow.
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Not sure on Firefox, but for Chrome:

GIF Delayer
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This is fixed in Firefox 27 which will be released in three weeks. You can test the fix now by installing Firefox 27 Beta.
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