My dog eats seaweed. Is that safe for her to eat?
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We have a three year old black Lab mix, and we take her to a local beach to run. Occasionally, there are piles of wet seaweed on down by the tide lines, and she will eat it. It is difficult to stop her from a distance, and invariably, later in the day, she will puke it up. Is this my only concern here, (cleaning up the puke) or is this dangerous for her? She loves the beach so much, it would be a shame to deny her this.
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I'm rather envious of the sorts of seaweed you have available off the coast of your state, I would be grazing on them too. She might be barfing because she ate too much salt (hydrated seaweed is usually rinsed before eating if you are a human), or because she ate sand or some rotten bits or because she's a dog but she's not going to poison herself from eating wet seaweed.

However, dried seaweed is a problem because it can rehydrate and expand in her digestive system. The way I try to keep my own dumbass black lab from eating dried seaweed is to keep him on lead until we get well past the high tide line where the stuff has been stranded long enough to dry up. Also, work on distance recalls using arm signals and a whistle because they can't really hear you shout "Back" over the waves.

Wait until she find her first dead seal, hoo boy.
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Try to limit it, it can be lethal.
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A thought. We have three goldens that get walked off-leash on the beach and we have electric collars on them. We only use the vibrate function to keep them away from stuff we don't want them to get near. It feels like a vibrating cell phone (totally different from the shock function), but it surprises them enough to get their attention away from whatever thing they are looking into. They seem to think it's the dead bird or the decomposing fish buzzing them when they nose too close. It's far superior than trying to wash dead fish out of their coats post roll!
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In parts of Scotland the sheep are deliberately put out to graze in the seaweed. (But then again, a sheep is not a dog.)
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thanks, you've all been very helpful.
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