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Desktop PC client using older printer and scanner wants to "Scan to Printer" (make a photocopy) in XP.

I've a home-PC client who replaced his old Win98 PC with a new WinXP desktop computer. He has an HP Scanjet 5100C flatbed scanner and a DJ 895 inkjet printer, both of which work fine by themselves on the new PC. My problem is, the client used to be able to use the HP software that ran on his '98 box to "Scan to Printer" with one click. Now when he wants a copy he needs to scan a document, create a file, and print that file, which is inconvenient and creates many unwanted files on his PC, when all he wants is a quick photocopy. The software that came with the scanner will not run on XP (causes crash at boot when installed).

I have searched the HP website, but there does not appear to be an analagous application that will enable "scan to printer" for XP, and of course the XP Scanner and Camera Wizard is no help. Is there a third-party app which will allow my client to enjoy his one-click photocopies using his existing hardware?
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Try photocopier. I use the free version and it works fine.
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Thanks a bunch, SteveInMaine - The client is overjoyed and calling me a genius. He'll never know my secret...
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