Sex blogs/columns written by straight men, for straight men?
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I'm having trouble finding any decent quality writing on sex advice or on sex in general where the author and target audience are both straight men. Part of this is about being interested in reading such content, part is about wondering if there really is a void here and if I should start writing myself to fill it.

I love Dan Savage, but he doesn't walk in my shoes, and it seems that most of the sex columnists in men's magazines are women. (Not that many men's magazines other than Esquire are likely to have the kind of thoughtful progressive voice I'm looking for anyway.)

Quickies New York is great, but the author is Bi. I'd actually be happy if I could even find another bi author who's as good as he is.

So, what are your recommendations? Straight or bi male authors targeting a straight or bi male audience? Particularly smart, progressive, kink and poly friendly authors, and if possible straight men writing for other straight men.

I'm also happy to hear about content that's out there that's close to what I'm asking for but not quite exactly it.
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Playboy Advisor
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Doctor Nerdlove.
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Female here - yep I think there's definately a need for straight men to talk in a progressive way about sex. I haven't seen too much of this done... popular porny vernacular seems so dominant now.. and the assumption that this ok with everyone... for me personally it's become a deterrent against even getting sexually/romantically involved.. as sad as that sounds. The tragedy is ofcourse.. porn is not actually REAL in so many important ways.. so many of the messages people, especially younger people get. (ie with little real stuff to compare it to) is really warped. I know there is a total deficit of people having the skills/guts to address this issue.. only recently I saw a petition on started by 13 year olds wanting to be taught about porn for example and what it all means for us.

Only recently was I looking for tasteful and apt pics I could use from the net of passion and love. There was literally nothing that wasn't seedy or tacky. This amazed me on the net awash with sex that it is.

The closest I found in theory to what you seem to be talking about.. was a site called something like "how to be a better man" but the writing was disappointing and the jist of it seemed to be" if you do X to her then she'll do Y to you". This didn't float my boat.

I had a great comic strip handout from a friend (I think designed by a man).. that was about the good, bad and ugly of porn and aimed at healthy discussion about this with teens - if you drop me a memail line I'll send you the info when I find it again :-s.. the beauty of it was it was kind of funny, hip and accessible to all (I'd thought about using it myself on a secure male ward).

There is a thoughtful site (again don't know name) something like 'men against porn and for sex'.. a refreshing (for me) virtually lone male voice out there by thoughtful men.

Betty Dodson .. a female (hence the name ;).. but ever inspiring and has a few male writers is also worth looking at at I think...

Greg Behrendt??? Or something like that.. a comedian who does a lot of social commentary stuff on being a man now.. also relationship type guidance for women along the lines of "don't take crap" is decent too.

The posarc site is about sex addiction and has a few men talking about trying to deal with this...

TED talks may be worth looking at. Also look up orgasmic meditation.. this is female orientated (ie for her) but is attracting a surprising amount of men. Good news for the laydeez out there ;)
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Best answer: Charlie Glickman is a sexuality educator who has a blog that might meet your needs.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. I think chinesefood came as close as possible to showing me what I was looking for.

At the same time, I do think there's a huge void here in terms of content, and I may try to do something of my own that fits in this genre.
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wondering if there really is a void here and if I should start writing myself to fill it

This may just be one of the few areas of sexuality where more is always better.
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