Where to get an old-fashioned straight-razor shave in NYC?
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I want to get a friend his first ever straight-razor shave experience; and the works for him to use afterwards. From a barber with a gentle hand, and willing to offer tips to the novice.
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The Whelk introduced me to the crew
at Moustache and they've aced it every time. Not cheap, but so worth it.
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In terms of getting him "the works" to use afterwards, does he already use a safety razor? The transition from a Mach 3 or similar to a straight razor is a bit severe, unless he's specifically expressed interest in it.
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Chelsea Barbers at 23rd and 9th or 10th does a great straight razor shave. Hot towel, scalp massage, the works.
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Griphus is right, they are my barber ( ask for Aureliano he is a wizard and will accommodate questions.) and they are now down the street at Greenwich Tonsorial.

HOWEVER, the atmosphere is a little cramped in the new location, if you want old fashioned feel and fancy decor, try Fellow Barber - ex Freeman Sporting Club people, my previous go to barber.

Art Of Shaving is like the high end mall version of the experience. It's actually fine but really slick and corporate feeling. Depends on what you want.
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Ooooh and if you want old fashioned-old fashioned, wizened Russians and all. mr. Joseph's on Greenwhich Ave although it's more a gruff old guy place and not a designery experience, they do a very good job with little fuss.
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( oh but Mr. Joseph's won't sell you follow up products really, everywhere else will ( Art Of Shaving will aggressively up sell products in fact! They're just kinda okay.) )
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Box, you are right. I should follow up w/ a good double-edge separately. Simpson? Pre-shave; brush and cream; after-lotion? Ditch the cartridges!
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I did my first & only straight razor shave at FSC barbers in the West Villiage (now called Fellow Barber?). It took a good while, maybe 30min with lots of hot towels and vaporizing oils then cold towels and a couple small cuts after. They only sell a few small things, no razors though.
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John Allan's is what you want.
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One thing to be aware of is that NYC barbers use shavettes and not traditional straight razors due to laws concerning hygiene. Shavettes are straight razors with disposable blades. You'll still get a good shave but if you plan on purchasing a straight, as opposed to a shavette, you will notice that they shave and handle differently.
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Shavette is a cheap way to buy in to trying out straight razor shaving before going whole hog. Just bought my first for $20 on amazon, from Parker.

Check out the faqs at /r/wicked_edge for total technique and product recommendations.
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I've never gotten my face shaved at Manetamed (because I am a lady) but when they cut my hair they do the back of my neck in a way that made me understand why getting a straight razor shave is a thing.
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