Recommended resources for a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle
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Vegetarians and Vegans, can you recommend some online resources for news and community? I am not looking for how-to guides, and I have plenty of recipes. I'm looking for interesting reads, news, blogs, etc. that deal with a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Any books or movies you can recommend would be appreciated as well!

I'm a life-long vegetarian, and I would like to keep more up-to-date on issues that relate to the lifestyle. Can you help with news sources, blogs or lists of influential people (I love Michael Pollan) that I can follow on social media, or read online? It doesn't have to be specific to vegetarianism, I enjoy reading about the local food movement and small organic farms too. Thanks!
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You probably already follow them, but, just in case, VegNews is my go-to source. They also have a presence on Facebook and Twitter!
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Year of the Dog is an extremely touching film about a woman's discovery of veganism in conjunction with animal rights.

(As the film begins it may seem these topics are being played for comic effect, but it goes another way. The focus is on the experience of the protagonist and the meaning of animal rights for her; it's not a propaganda film.)
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I don't live in London but I enjoy London-based Fat Gay Vegan's blog posts and Twitter account.
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Alan Roettinger
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The PPK! Isa Moskovitz is the queen of veganism and the forums were so helpful to me when I was exploring veganism.
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I grown to use Vegetarian Times as a good resource...
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Vegans of Color updates rarely, but is fantastic. Check out their blogroll as well for more on intersections of race/class/gender/veganism.
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I read several vegan recipe blogs that do delve into lifestyle and animal rights issues from time to time:

Holy Cow Vegan:

Oh She Glows:

Carrie on Vegan:

Carrie of Carrie on Vegan also writes for Our Hen House: which has a lot of general "animal rights" features as opposed to being recipe-centric. (If animal rights is your jam as opposed to health or other reasons for being veg.)
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Oh, and this guy writes a ton of great reviews of vegan books on Amazon:
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Thank you everyone! I like all the responses, can they all be marked "best answer?" I have much reading to catch up on. Cheers!
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