Can you help me replace a favorite yellow cardigan?
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I dearly loved my mustard-yellow Lands' End merino wool cardigan. In fact, I loved it to the point that it has started to fall apart. I am struggling to find a replacement. Can you help?

I've looked on eBay and have found the item only available in size 3X - I wore the Small (6-8). I'm open to other brands but haven't found a good match through Googling. What I loved about this cardigan in no particular order:
  1. v-neck (not polo) and length (hit at the hip, not too "flowy" or long)
  2. avoiding embellishments (rhinestones etc) - although the tan edging on the pockets was nice
  3. quality of material - I'm not married to merino but I loved the softness, lack of bulk, and warmth
  4. color - this shade (called "heather dijon" by Lands End) was not too neon-bright and surprisingly versatile
Can you help me find a replacement for this cardigan-shaped hole in my wardrobe? Thank you! (PS - in the US if you are suggesting online shops)
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Not having owned one myself, I can't vouch for the quality, but I found this one on ModCloth, and I know it's a super popular line of cardigans.
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Maybe this one?
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This looks pretty close, but it's a UK site.

This is good too but it's a brighter yellow, and also cashmere and like $150.
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There was just a roundup of some options for mustard cardigans on Already Pretty.
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How long have you had it? Land's End is really actually very good about replacing clothing items that have not lived as long as they should have. Might be worth a call to customer service (which is always stellar, IMO, at Land's End).
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Seconding giving Land's End a call, they're really good about this kinda stuff and not terrible to deal with.
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Try woolovers!

I just bought a heap of merino cardigans from them. (I'm a cardigan-lover and I found their site via a Google search, trying to replace a loved-to-death gray cardigan that had deteriorated into nothing but pills.)

They have lots of pure-wool items at good prices. I'm super-happy with the stuff I ordered from them.
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