What are some blogs that spotlight Etsy art?
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Are there blogs that catalogue great finds on Etsy? I have been searching the official Etsy blog, but are there others? Beyond blogs, do you recommend great Etsy artists who can spruce up the walls of my new office where I'm training as a therapist? I've seen these questions and have followed many of their links.

The art needs to be interesting but relatively calming - nothing violent or provocative. I tend to gravitate toward woodblock prints, but am open to any other mediums.
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What about Brittany Lee? Cheerful and cute, and she has several series that would give you a matching color palette or theme for your decor.
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You might want to search for "Printsy" on Etsy and look at what turns up. It's a group of printmakers of varying degrees of expertise and seriousness, including many really great artists and excellent amateurs. Definitely will screen out a lot of junk in the Art/Printmaking section....
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As an Etsy user, I will say I don't think the official Etsy blog is a great place for great finds. Perhaps that is my Etsy-ire showing. Perhaps their tastes are just radically different from mine.

One blogger I know who did this (but seems to have stopped for some time now), is Moonsword. He would highlight different shops weekly.

One way to find new art (though it won't always be from Etsy), might be to follow the regular challenges, like Illustration Friday or Thirty Paintings in 30 Days.*

*Full discloser, I participate in them. And tons of artists way better than me do too!
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