How should I go about publishing some music for digital distribution
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What's the best approach to digital music publishing? The only approach I have used thus far is CDBaby, but that requires physical product and UPS codes, right?

I would like to take a bit of a stab at the model suggested by the One Hundred Songs a Day. Is there a one-stop digital distribution place I can use?
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Tunecore and The Orchard are the other major distributers similar to CDBaby. I don't know the requirements, but it's worth checking out. They distribute to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, etc.
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Seconding Bandcamp. It's so easy to use and so free of bullshit that there's a huge incentive to buy from any artist considerate enough to make stuff available on it.
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Response by poster: review of alternatives From fairly recently. I may stick with cdbaby despite the somewhat higher costs. They seem entrenched.
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As a consumer, I buy stuff regularly from Bandcamp. I love it. CDBaby is not as streamlined, user-friendly etc. It's kinda annoying from the perspective of someone buying stuff, whereas bandcamp is really easy.
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Best answer: To distribute through CDbaby you only need something like 3-4 copies of physical CDs. You do not need a real label or UPC codes. However there's nothing that says you can't use Bandcamp AND CD Baby. I'd use both if I were you.
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