What audio equipment do I need to make a vlog/podcast?
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Any ideas for a good, cheap audio/video setup for vlogging/podcasts?

Asking for a friend:

Dear People (but ideally Australians)

I've been thinking of starting a vlog/podcast (I haven't decided yet for various reasons) and I'm wondering what kind of audio equipment I might need? Essentially, what I want is to balance a limited budget with the desire to obtain a level of quality that will be acceptable to (i.e. not distracting to) the potential (probably very small) audience.

If I end up doing a vlog, I'm thinking that the videos will go up on Youtube. If they end up only being podcasts, I'll probably put them up on a normal Wordpress style blog. Either way, then, the question is: what kind of audio-equipment do I need? Does anyone have a recommendation for a good cheap microphone/recording device for this kind of purpose? Which brand? Where can I get one? If any of you lovely people wanted to suggest a *range* of options with some kind of explanation (i.e. this one will suffice, but this slightly more expensive one is *much* better) et cetera that would be amazing.

Second question, assuming, that I have followed your advice and purchased the perfect audio-equipment for my little project, what then of video? One of the reasons that I haven't decided on the whole vlog vs. podcast thing is that I have absolutely *no* idea of the potential outlay for video/editing equipment.

Final point: if it's any help the kind of thing I'm thinking about when I'm thinking of a vlog would be a much simpler (less slick, less stylish and ergo less high budget) version of "The Spoony Experiment". When I say "podcast", I have two things in mind, one the stock standard "podcast" that you might anywhere and two, a slight distortion of the original term, something like the "Windows Movie Maker" videos that are produced by the likes of MovieBob (on the Escapist) or "Tasteful, Understated Nerd Rage" (Youtube)

Hope you can help and sorry for the length of this.

TL;DR Any ideas for a good, cheap audio/video setup for vlogging/podcasts/windows movie maker videos?
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This comparison from the Wirecutter might be of some use to you:
USB Microphones

I'd be stunned if the combination of a microphone like the Blue Yeti and recording software like Garageband or Audacity wasn't able to give you more than satisfactory results.
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That's all that I've used for the podcasts I've done in the past. And as far as video podcasting, check out Hangouts On Air. You can record a Google Hangout straight to YouTube, and from there rip the audio and have an instant podcast.
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You might find Transom.org helpful—especially their Tools page.
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