Help Us Build a Website, or Americanize a German One
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Can you recommend a website creator/editor that is Mac and PC compatible for complete neophytes?

We have just started a new U.S. division of a German company. We have a landing page that is currently part of the German division's website. Even though most text is translated into English, there are currently dialog boxes in German, poor translations, and design elements that look decidedly...not American. We have a very small team and need to completely Americanize this site or create a new one from scratch before we start sending customers to our site. And we need to do this within the next week since we have a major conference coming up at the end of the month and want to start promoting ourselves asap. For the most part, we can edit existing product information from the German site to clean up any translation errors. There's a lot there we can use without re-creating the wheel. However, we have very limited experience in designing or editing websites. One of the contributors to this effort uses a Mac, the other uses a PC. Is there a ridiculously easy-to-learn, easy-to-use website editor that runs on both a Mac and a PC that will enable us to accomplish this task? I found this link which is a start, but any input on features that are important, tips, etc. would be most greatly appreciated.
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Squarespace! Super easy to use, even for novices, and it will run on any machine you want, because it's entirely web-based. Since you already have existing assets, there are ways to carry over CSS, though I don't know to what extent that'll work for you.
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If you are working for a company that can afford to start an American division, that company can afford to hire a proper website developer to do this. Don't do it yourself, it ends up looking like you did it yourself and people are not going to take it as seriously. It's fine for a little hobby group to have a website that looks homemade... you're talking about a multinational corporation. Get a developer.
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