Removing Duplicate Images (Windows)
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Looking for recommendations on how to remove duplicate images from my laptop...

There are a million of these kinds of apps out there and I have no way to evaluate them.

I am looking for an app that finds duplicate images on my hard drive, and lets me compare them so I can decide which ones to remove. Some of my files might be different sizes (cropped versions of larger images, for example). Is it possible for an app to find these kinds of situations as well?

I am willing to pay some money for this if I have to (say $40, tops).
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I've used Dup Detector, which is free, for my photo collection. I don't know if I tested scenarios for cropped files, but it handles different sizes of images just fine.
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For exact duplicates, I like CloneSpy. It has many options, including outright deleting the oldest or newest file, displaying the file paths and letting you pick, exporting a text file of duplicates and moving all duplicates to another folder.
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I've also used Clonespy, and it was great, and you can point it at a specific folder. Saved me gigabytes of HD space.
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