I'm looking for that cheesy inspiring movie trailer music
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I am looking for examples for that cheesy "inspirational movie" music that you might see in a Hollywood movie trailer. Usually it accompanies some kind of tagline like, "He didn't know that helping one dog...would send him on the journey...of a lifetime." One example is here at 20 seconds of this trailer. That stirring music that is meant to emotionally manipulate you - can you help me find various versions of it? Thanks.
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Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill"? See the "Shining" trailer for parodic effect.
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Does this list of frequently-used trailer music help?
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Response by poster: FreelanceBureaucrat - why yes. Yes it does. I am gonna crawl gently through that thing. Thank you.
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Blood Brothers: First Blood
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This part of Dragonheart: To the Stars seems to be in a million inspirational movie trailers.
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If you hit youtube and search "inspirational trailer" you get a whole bunch of that stuff. You could probably find a few that have the exact sound you want and google the movie score details.
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