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I have a dissertation from 1950. Citations in the dissertation are listed on every page there is a reference and linked via numbers in the text. The bibliography at the end of the dissertation is broken into the sections: Books, magazines, newspaper articles and so on. Which citation style is this?
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It might be easier to hunt down if we knew the field of the dissertation. Humanities? Sciences? This wikipedia page might be a place to start.
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Images of a few of the individual citations would also be helpful.
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Pictures, please. And by "listed on every page" and "linked via numbers in the text," do you mean footnotes?
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Yes, scanned images, please.

Subdivided bibliographies are not uncommon in a number of systems.
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OK here's an image from the dissertation, it's from an education dissertation.
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Those are standard Chicago-style (or Turabian-style) footnotes.* I presume that bibliography entries are formatted slightly differently: the reference in note 2 should appear in the bibliography as:

Reisner, Edward H. "The History of Education as a Source of Fundamental Assumptions." Educational Administration and Supervision, 14:378, September, 1928.

There may be slight variations; style manuals permit that as long as references are consistent.

* Turabian style (after Kate Turabian, the former dissertation secretary at the University of Chicago) is for dissertations and other unpublished works. Chicago style is for published books, but it's often used for dissertations too. In a published book, the material that's underlined in the dissertation would instead be set in italics.
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Many thanks, I've been asking people around my department and no one seemed to know.
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