Mobile dj option, similar to turntable
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Social music/dj system for a group of people similar to, app-based is preferable. Out-of-the-box/wacky ideas are encouraged.

I'd like to find a social dj service similar to that's possible to use on a smartphone. I've discovered, but I can't get it to work on my phone, and regardless, as soon as I put another app in the foreground I won't be hearing music from the browser.

The graphic interface for turntable is the least important feature, but I am aiming for more interactive than a shared Spotify playlist (which sadly is looking like the most doable option at the moment).

The people participating will all be in the US and using Android, but not on a shared network. Shoutcast seems like too much setup because everyone would have to install a server, correct?

The app store is full of "dj" apps, but they seem to all be for other types of things.

Thank you for reading and for your feedback!
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(I don't think that's what the question is asking for, beisny. A social DJ service like or is a site that lets you stream a playlist to multiple listeners simultaneously; it's unrelated to DJing in the sense of mixing tracks.)

I haven't tested it, but Soundrop looks like it might be a workable alternative.

You could conceivably set this up using a single Shoutcast server. I haven't experimented with such things in many years, but you used to be able to stream audio to the server from Winamp. Normally you'd use the Winamp GUI to control the playlist from a single machine, but there ought to be plugins to control it from a web interface instead; AjaxAMP seems like it might do the job. And you can play the stream on a smartphone using any number of apps. This wouldn't give you the same structure as (with rooms and queues, and chat messages, and so forth) but as a quick hack, it might be good enough. Of course, Winamp is officially retired now, so YMMV.
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Thanks, I should have clarified exactly what I meant. I am looking for something that lets multiple users choose sequential songs to play to the whole group, not something that lets one user stream music to multiple recipients.

Soundrop actually looks like a pretty close match and it's available on Android or web. Will give it a run from here! Thank you.
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