There's a thing on my head
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Anyone have a good dermatologist in Brooklyn/lower Manhattan who takes GHI?
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Tribeca Skin Center takes some GHI plans. They are my go-to place if my regular dermatologist uptown isn't available.
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She's not in those locations, but at 42nd and 2nd Ave is Dr. Dendy Engelman, who is pretty great. And the only reason I mention it is because I happened to click through and see your title. I had three things on my head, and she was able to remove them all (in two visits) easily and relatively painlessly.

Not sure about insurance though, but I also came in to recommend, which is a handy little site where you can book appointments, fill out paperwork beforehand, and browse doctors who take your insurance, with ratings and such for most of them. Good luck!
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Dr.Zelaya has locations in Brooklyn and on W17th street and takes GHI. Brooklyn has a long wait, Chelsea less so.
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griphus do you remember who my dentist's neighbor is because i think you may have forgotten

My regular dermatologist is at the Beth Israel on 23rd and 8th and he is pretty awesome, Dr Mizuguchi, and from what I can tell they take about a dozen GHI plans.
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I don't know if they take GHI but Spring Street Dermatology is really great.

(Also, if you use Zocdoc, google the practice before booking! I could have saved myself six weeks of anguish if I had done that.)
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