where's that racy handshake video with two hot dudes?
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A while back (not more than 1 or two years ago) I saw a funny video (I think youtube.com, but not sure) about a really awesome handshake. The handshake included a less-than-heterodox component, if you catch my drift. I'm trying to find that video again and search engines aren't helping.

To the best of my recollection, the video goes like this:

- Two dudes acting all 'best friend' like. I think they were both young and bearded.
- For whatever reason they decide to do that 'most awesome handshake' that they do with each other because they're like super best friends.
- The handshake starts pretty normal, then it gets more and more 'intense' (including making explosion sounds).

The racy NSFW part follows:

- It turns out that part of this elaborate super awesome handshake is that one of the guys starts giving the other guy a blowjob. The camera doesn't shoot the act itself, but you can see the face of the fellatio receipent, who's clearly having a great time.
- This is all played as if the two dudes had no idea that anything 'gay' is happening, it's just part of their super awesome best friends handshake.
- While he's getting the bj, the guy (IIRC) starts to muse about the nature of what's going on (something to the effect that 'isn't this a little gay?', but i'm not sure exaclty how it's played).

Anyway. I thought it was really funny in a sophomoric way and was hoping to share it with some people who I think would enjoy it. But all my search terms end up finding stuff that's out of topic (there's a lot of matches for "awesome|best|coolest|dope|dopest|... handshake", and intersecting with the relevant fellatio-oriented terms doesn't give good results).

Thanks for any help finding this.
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I don't know if this is precisely it, but it is similar:

Peter Serafinowicz and Will Arnett meeting
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Sorry for the abandonment. Nope, that's not it. This was a pretty indie video, nothing involving famous people like Serafinowicz. The feel was along the lines of College Humor.
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(Very late and irrelevant grumble: I meant 'less-than-orthodox', not 'less-than-heterodox', of course. Thanks to MeFite who privately pointed out the right meaning. I probably make this mistake a lot.)
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