LED pattern light display
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What are those things called / what should I search for to purchase one?

It's like a base that makes a bunch of patterns against a ceiling/wall/floor depending on where it is pointed. Kind of "ravey" some make patterns with a lot of points etc...
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Go go guitar center and look at all their stuff in this section.

It'll probably be cheaper there than almost anywhere else too. I don't understand how that place stays open with how cheap they sell certain things even compared to online...
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Novelty stores such as Spencers Gifts carry the lighter-duty home versions of some of those lights. They aren't anywhere near bright enough for a nightclub but are fine for a living room and priced accordingly. You can also search for "party lighting" on Amazon.
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Fine-tuning emptythought's answer a little, I think you're looking for Lighting Multi-Effects or Moving Head Fixtures.

Some other possibly useful search terms in Google or other websites might be, "intelligent lighting", "effect lighting", "special effect lighting", "DJ lighting", "club lighting" or the already mentioned "party lighting".

In the real world, you can probably find some pieces in your local musical instrument stores or DJ supply stores. Companies that rent pro audio systems or DJ gear or pro lighting may also be able and willing to sell to you.

Online, you can find some of this at Amazon or ebay (the standard "buyer beware" warnings re:ebay apply.) There's also Sam Ash, Musician's Friend, American Music Supply, Sweetwater, B&H Photo & Video, Zzounds, possibly J&R and NewEgg. Most of these places are probably gonna have pretty similar prices.

The current big names in relatively inexpensive lights of this sort are Eliminator Lighting, American DJ, and Chauvet.
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Are you talking about a fiber optic lamp? Like this maybe?

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If you're not interested in the light fixture being capable of producing multiple colors or moving the beams of light or patterns around, then I think what you're interested in is a light that can use a gobo.

Mostly these are used as an accessory in some fairly expensive professional theatrical light fixtures, but "gobo projector" seems to be the current term for lower-budget pieces, ex. here or here.
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sorry - it was generally in line with this:


but i have seen them as smaller stand-alone machines (like "bookshelf" versions) and am having trouble locating the same online

thanks for all of the responses i feel like i have enough to go on at this point
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I used to have one of these: Laser Twilight Stars Projector
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