Super simple music mixing: Something like MusicLab
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I'd like to mix music completely for fun and would like to be as un-technical about it as possible.

There was a website called MusicLab where I could do this and really enjoyed it, but unfortunately the site is now defunct.

I've tried audacity, ardour, and Music Creator 6 and didn't like any of them. Below are my (possibly impossible) desires:

-Must be very SUPER SIMPLE in layout: drag and drop type stuff. A number of tracks, you add loops and single sounds, simple. The only knobs I'd want would be volume and maybe an effect or two (echo, distortion). But really, really, really intuitive.

-Must come with a large, STRONG LIBRARY with many, many interesting sounds and loops well-organized. I tend to like hip hop beats mixed with haunting orchestral or choral backdrops. Add some funk and Rock guitar. Maybe some bass, dirty drums. Stuff like that. Library must come with the program. I have no desire to record myself at all, or download random beats off the interwebs.

-Easy to download and save songs, preferably in mp3 format.

I'd be happy to pay for a program if it meets these requirements. Hell, even up to a hundred bucks if it was REALLY intuitive and fun and came with a REALLY AMAZINGLY AMAZING library.

Does such a program exist?
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Do you have a mac? Garageband has loads of loops to drag and drop. It's may not be as super simple as you might want though.
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I am PC-bound, I'm afraid
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I would have recommended Fruity Loops to you in the past. I'm not sure if it's grown too complex (and expensive) now though.
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Not sure if this will work for ya but I've used Magix recording software for years to record mostly just voice and a little music. When I first set up a home studio I tried pro tools and man that was a mistake...way too complicated for me. But then a friend told me about magix and compared to pro tools it's a lot easier to use and fairly intuitive. You should be able to buy it at your local music store and if not online. Good luck!
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