Find me the perfect gloves
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Help a guy find the perfect gloves. Specs are inside...

I have a lot of gloves, but none are exactly what I want, so I turn to the hive mind. I'll use these for general city living (Philadelphia) and dog walking. Ideally, they'll meet these criteria:
  • Good for use in 10F-40F weather.
  • Windproof. Needs to block the wind, all of it.
  • At least water resistant. Waterproof isn't necessary (breathable is preferred) but at least so they don't get soaked if it's drizzling.
  • A long, slim cuff. Long and slim enough to stick under my jacket sleeves to keep my wrists nice and warm and dry, even if I put my hands in my peacoat pockets.
  • Not bulky: I need dexterity for the leash!
  • Touchscreen-compatible preferred but not necessary
  • Smooth, rather than fleecy, outer surface, with at least some grippiness on the inside (leather palm is fine, but not leather body)
  • Slim-fitting. I have relatively slender hands and long fingers. Cycling gloves are typically perfect for me, but other gloves usually flop around on my hands if I get them large enough to fit my fingers.
  • Not super gaudy. All black would be best, smaller logos are fine. Outdoor brands are great, but I don't want to look like I have bionic hands.
I imagine that what I want is some sort of lined soft-shell, but I'm open to anything. I'd typically just turn to Marmot or Mountain Hardwear for this, but nothing I've seen so far looks quite right (which isn't to say I haven't missed something).
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I suggest you visit an REI store and peruse the many, many models they'll have on the shelves at this time of year. You've described the perfect glove that everybody wants, but you'll probably have to choose the best of several imperfect options. If you're a member then REI's guarantee is great, too.
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I'm a woman, but the best gloves I've found for daily use and dog walking are Isotoners. If the men's gloves are comparable, they should meet all your criteria pretty well. I believe these are the men's equivalent of my gloves. I got a pair for my brother in law for Christmas, and they do seem to run small/slim. If your fingers are long, you may want a large or even XL.

I have tech-y gloves (REI, Marmot) that I use for outdoor activities or when temps get into single digits (F). But for me they all have drawbacks for everyday use.
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Cross-country (XC) ski gloves fit your criteria very well. They're typically heavier than cycling gloves, and longer. They prioritize slim fit (to use the poles properly), sweat management and full coverage, while being suitable for cold.

This is a typical glove from MEC, a supplier I trust for this sort of equipment. There's nothing unique about this particular brand. You'll see MEC offers a half-dozen models or more to chose from. This glove, however, doesn't have the leather reinforcement on the palms and first finger that most XC ski gloves do. It may be better as a general purpose glove.
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I live in Pittsburgh, so I'm dealing with much of the same weather as you. I picked up this pair of gloves at Costco on a lark and they have been fantastic (and cheap!). Things got a little cold with the -7 we had recently, but I probably needed to be wearing a pair of mittens over them at that point anyway. They held up like champs while I was playing our annual turkey bowl game in 20 degree weather -- grippy enough for a pair of interceptions and a couple touchdowns receiving. They also sit high enough on my wrist that I can cinch the velcro on my north face jacket sleeve around the glove and not have exposed skin.

I'm also a slim dude with long fingers, and these are very, very slim fit such that I don't have much of an issue manipulating pens/my wallet/my pocketknife while wearing them. If you can't find them at a local costco, let me know and I'll pick you up a pair at my local store and we can work out getting them over to Philly.
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I have two pairs of gloves that meet that criteria. The first I got for running but found myself wearing them all the time.

I think these are the men's version of mine:

I also was given a pair of isotoner stretch leather gloves for Christmas and they've been good too.

The big thing for me is that for dog walking, I can open poop baggies without taking my gloves off -- lovely.
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I have those Costco gloves bfranklin describes, and I can confirm that they are really fabulous. I can get a card out of my wallet without taking my gloves off!
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Is there a reason something like cashmere lined black leather gloves wouldn't be perfect? I bought my husband a pair and he loves them.
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