Help me identify these three fabrics!
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Where can I buy these three fabrics?

We've got two pieces of clothing made with them. We're looking to have more made, but we can't find them anywhere. I've tried Google Image Search and Tineye and have had no luck, so perhaps the hivemind is better at this. Any ideas?
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Maybe Spoonflower? At the very least you could try to design something similar.
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What kind of fabric are they? Is that a woven-in design (jacquard) or printed on? What's the fiber content? How heavy are they?
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These look like ties...searching under "tie fabric" gets you places like this...
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Kathryn: they are jacquard, yes. What do you mean by fiber content? It's cotton, I think; not a silk or chiffon or something like that. And they are fairly heavy; they're not thin.
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This is completely out of left field, but something about the color value makes me wonder if they're Japanese.
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Given you say they're fairly heavy, I wonder if they might be upholstery fabric? I can easily imagine those patterns on a Victorian chair.
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Do you have any more info on the origin of the fabric or clothing items? How did you get them, do you know anything about where they were made or by whom?
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It would be a little easier to source if you provided the repeat of the pattern (this provides scale) and whether or not it had some kind of backing. A pic of the back of the pieces would be good as well.

I am 80% positive that I've come across the one on the far left before. If it is what I am thinking it is, it is a fairly ubiquitous upholstery fabric that you can get from furniture stores and warehouses.

If you have a JoAnn's or Hancock Fabrics near you, the first place to start would be their racks and the special order sections (the stuff on hangers). You may not see the color, but what you want to do is find the pattern. The color can be found once you've discovered the name of the pattern.

One of the manufacturers for this kind of fabric is "Richloom Textiles". Or, at least that is one of the manufacturers I remember from my days working behind the scenes at Jo-Ann's.

A word about retail fabrics: Unless you are dealing with a warehouse directly, it is not unusual in the least for fabric names to be rebranded once they get to their retail store for sale. For example: The fabric on the left may be called "Diamond Jacquard" and the color may be "blue #231" by the manufacturer, but the store will mask the manufacturer and call it "Harlequin Dreams" and the color is "Moody Ciel".

Once you find the pattern name, look along the selvage of the fabric to see if there is any identifying info. Also check the roll itself. Sometimes there is info on the inside or outside of the roll end.

If you have an industrial furniture supplier near you, check there as well. It looks like the kind of thing you would use for waiting room chairs &c. Ask to see their sample books and see if something pops out.

Also ask where the fabric initially came from if you had these made. That can be your first place to start.
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something about the color value makes me wonder if they're Japanese.

The one on the right, especially.
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A bit more clarification, then. We had two pieces made by a clothier online who sent me these pictures of the fabrics. I have the actual pieces so I can take pictures of how they repeat, but what you see in the pictures is essentially what it looks like. The clothier is based in the US (Texas, I think?), and I'm pretty sure she sourced the stuff within the US. I could ask her where she sourced them from, but I can't really imagine that she'd give it up.

Interesting that the one on the left may be upholstery; I hadn't considered that.

Is this not something that can be found online? Will I have better luck going to physical stores?
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The problem is that there are, literally, millions of fabrics in production, and in many cases (certainly with printed cottons) they're only produced once. They loom it, they sell it, they're done. If you had the manufacturer it would be a lot easier, but with just the picture -- not even the fiber content -- it's like trying to find a book based on the number of pages it has.

I would be surprised if the clothier couldn't at least tell you who made the fabrics.
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You might have better luck going to physical stores but you might just not be able to find the fabric again; patterns get discontinued (though those seem fairly classic), and not all fabrics are available to the retail consumer. You might be best off just asking the original clothier. Otherwise, I'd go to a store that sells home decorating fabric - those look like upholstery fabrics to me. You *might* be able to find the fabric online, but if Google image search doesn't turn anything up it's going to be a lot of clicking around - there's no one way to describe these fabrics that you can be sure the seller is going to use.
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If you're able to contact the original clothier, I'd start there. You can offer to pay for her time to look up and source the material that was used for your order. Write a nice note, and see what happens.
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Yeah, your best bet is going to be to ask the clothier; randomly visiting fabric stores is probably going to be an exercise in frustration because there are just so many fabrics out there, and different stores may carry different mills' lines (but not all of the fabrics produced by any given mill,) and there's no telling what's in production or what the vendor may have found it as a long-discontinued remnant in a bargain loft somewhere.

The worst they could say is 'no.' I sell things made of fabric and maybe it's just my niche, but I can't think of an instance where I wouldn't be willing to tell a customer where I gotten a particular length of cloth... but even knowing where I had bought it, it's a toss-up as to whether I could tell you the name of the manufacturer because it's not always printed on the selvages or on a receipt.
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Thanks, all. I contacted her, and she said the one on the left came from Fabric Guru. As you guys said, I could spend a great deal of time searching through that site in an attempt to find the fabric, but it's a start.
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A quick search for "navy" came up with this; that page has a picture with a ruler. Is the size of your crosshatch the same as this one? is your fabric a little fuzzy as a chenille might be?

Unfortunately even if so it's not exactly the same fabric, and Fabric Guru seems to sell leftover chunks, so you might not have any luck finding it; but it could give you another handle to search by.
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For the third fabric - nat's search displayed the navy/gold colorway which is close, but it might be this woven upholstery basketweave in denim.

Is this the first one? 3433312 Peck Navy by Fabricut

I'd contact FabricGuru with your quest and see if they can be of help!
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nat - that one isn't exactly the same, but it's close. Knowing that it's a basket weave is great to know in case we ever need to source it. Thanks!

barnone - yes, that's it. From the Chromatics XVII Azure book. Also available here.

Thanks again, everyone!
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Based on the scale, I'm almost positive my first link is the correct fabric for your #3 fabric in the image.

I have a hunch that #2 and #3 might be from the same company, so it's worth investigating.
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That one is definitely right for #3. Thanks!
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