Name these two cartoons
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I have a vague recollection of a very old, black and white cartoon about a huge cat that goes to a junk yard and searches for a mouse who lives in a house (I think). The cat kind of looks like Felix (or so I remember). There is a lot of gold in the episode (for reasons I can't seem to explain). The second cartoon is also old (probably 70s animation) and is about a boy who has these surreal adventures. I remember him riding his little car all over the place and in one scene, he is walking on a tight rope. There is also an umbrella scene. And I think it rains at one point. I believe the cartoon was British, but I'm not sure.
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Could the second one be The Phantom Tollbooth?
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Wow, this one fits the bill alright. It's got everything I described, but unfortunately I don't think this is the one. The animation was much cruder and simplified..
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Could the first one have been an episode of Krazy Kat? She looked a bit like Felix and was always chasing after Ignatz the Mouse, whom she had a mad crush on (Ignatz in turn always threw bricks at her).
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It was black and white :)
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The older Krazy Kat cartoons were black and white; in fact the first ones (dating back to 1913) were silent! :) I'll keep thinking on it, though....I hate when I can't remember a TV show or movie that I know I saw.
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