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I have a family member who is in the hospital at the moment. I've noticed that outside the room doors there is a yellow form that gives the patient's score. Most of them say 45 or greater, but some say 23-45. Anyone have an idea what this means? I've been googling but haven't come up with anything.
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My best guess is fall risk score (on the Morse Scale): 0-24 is no risk of falling; 25-45 is moderate risk of falling; 46+ is high risk of falling. The scale can vary between hospital settings, so 23-45 could be moderate risk and 45+ a high risk at the hospital you're at.
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Could it be their pain/comfort score? My local hospital has a white board with varying levels of faces from smiling to frowning, with a range of numbers from 1-10. I guess the nurses occasionally will ask you how you feel with 10 being great and 1 being absolutely horrible. This is complete speculation though.
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Yeah, sounds like fall precautions. They're relatively new to clinical environments, i.e., the scale was only introduced in the last decade or so, but in pretty much every hospital ward you can now see rooms flagged with "fall precaution" indicators.

A score of 45+ means full-on fall precautions, possibly including restraints, particularly when the patient has dementia. A score between the mid-twenties and 45 means basic fall precautions, like availability of hand-rails and checks every 15-30 minutes to make sure they haven't fallen. A score below that means normal caution.
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I agree that it has to do with fall risk, especially since the form is yellow. Yellow is the designated color for fall-related stuff (to use a technical term). In other hospitals you might see yellow leaves (falling leaves), yellow stars (falling stars), or my personal least-favorite, a yellow happy face. At the hospital where I work, we have just switched to yellow name tags on the patient's door and over the patient's bed for such patients, and we have yellow gowns, socks, and blankets for them.

Best wishes for your family member's recovery.
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In one local hospital the high risk fall patient had a white piece of paper with a red stick man falling down taped above her bed. The nice lady was privileged enough to spend the evening in full restraints after pulling her catheter and trying to walk to the bathroom with a broken hip. Yellow forms and scoring are not universal, I haven't seen them in general wards in Vancouver.
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Last time my mom was in the hospital, she got herself out of bed and to the bathroom after having a knee replacement. When the nurse found out, she promptly put an alarm underneath the bed that would notify staff if she got out again. She has behaved ever since.
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