Registering a Canadian Domain via a Trustee Service
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I need to register a Canadian domain name (.ca). I do not currently meet the requirements in order to do that. I found a domain name registrar that offers to do this using a trustee service. I have questions about that.

There are requirements to registering a Canadian domain name. I do not currently meet them. I am working on item 2q in the list, but that will take almost a year to process and I absolutely need the domain before that.

I have found a company that offers to register the domain via a trustee service. I have read elsewhere that the CIRA might frown upon this and if they were to audit the registrar, the domain could be lost, but I can't find the page where I read this and can't tell if it was a reliable source.

Is registering a Canadian .ca domain using a trustee service a wise thing to do?

Is the registrar offering this service that I linked to above a reputable company for this?

Can you recommend any other trustworthy registrars for doing this?

Any other things I should know about concerning registering a .ca domain using this method?
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Your trustee appears to want proof of holding a Canadian trademark … which you don't have yet. So maybe your best bet is to find a trustworthy Canadian and enter into a contract for them to register and hold the domain until you have the trademark.
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Your trustee appears to want proof of holding a Canadian trademark

If you click on the tab "Local proxy service for Canada" this is not required, but strongly recommended.
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CIRA wants some kind of Canadian presence, and the registrar appears to be saying that we can be that Canadian presence for you. So okay, but I suspect the reason people are suggesting CIRA would frown on that is that their relationship with you is solely there to provide that Canadian presence. It's kind of the domain registration version of a green card marriage.

Your profile says you're an American living in Germany, and I don't know why you need this .CA domain, but presumably it's because you want to do business in Canada (and not just because you've come up with some clever site name that happens to end in "ca".) That suggests that you need more than just a domain name. Would it make sense in your situation to find some Canadian partner and form a joint venture that would handle the Canadian part of whatever you're doing? Taxes, other regulatory stuff, etc.? Just a Canadian point of presence for whatever you're up to?

That way the joint venture would be separate from you, so you're not just a American or German company trying to pretend its a Canadian one. The Canadian partner would be able to handle all the Canadian-specific aspects on the ground. And if CIRA were to look into it, the partner providing Canadian presence would have a relationship to you for purposes that go beyond just getting a .CA domain. (Of course having no idea why you need the domain, this may not make any sense at all.)

Also, I can't help noticing that one of the things that lets you have access to Canadian domains is... being the Queen! And now I can't stop thinking of Queen Elizabeth using her status to run some kind of hosting side business on a couple server racks stuck in the corner of some side parlor in Buckingham palace. With doilies on top, obviously. And HRH sitting beside them sipping tea and smiling as the activity lights blink, knowing each little blink means more pounds and pence rolling in.
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