How do I search multiple tracker sites at once?
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Are there any good replacements for Torrent Typhoon?

My old standby torrent searcher hasn't been performing up to snuff for the last couple of months.

I'm looking for torrent search engines that allow me to search multiple tracker sites at the same time. Ideally, this would happen through a singer search box, but I'd settle for the kind of site where I type the search query and then select the tracker from a list.

You see, I like to get my completely legal, public domain torrents without a lot of hassle.
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The torrent bar for firefox...
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Response by poster: Oh, uhh, single, not singer.
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I use torrentz. It's pretty good. It really only indexes the biggest trackers, though.
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I like isohunt and torrentspy. Between the two, I feel that I have it covered.
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consistent user of mininova here. It runs like SuprNova (RIP, PBUH) used to; i.e., user submitted torrents, regardless of tracker. I like the organizational structure, and AJAX-y search.
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I have NEWS! suprnova is back, altho in slightly different form ! newnova

I also use the Pirate Bay and demonoid (subscription based, but it's open to subscribers on a regular basis, check back often), amongst a host of other smaller sites.
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Did anyone mention yet?
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Isohunt is a pretty good amalgam of trackers.
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Piratebay is the only one that works for me for some reason. All the other trackers give me an error about connecting to them...
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I (heart)
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