Gift certificate for art?
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What's the best website/company from which to purchase art prints or art for your walls? I'd like to get some good friends who just got married a gift certificate to somewhere they can order art or art pieces for their apartment.

My friends have good taste and a well-decorated apartment, but they're not art snobs, so I'm looking for someplace with a wide variety of originals, prints, and tchotkes, that offers gift cards. Online would be best for ease, but I'm located in NY so if there is a really fantastic physical store that fits the bill, I'd be open to that as well.
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I like Etsy
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Etsy is a good bet; lots of options for prints and they do gift cards.
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Society6 is also an option.
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Philip Williams Posters in Tribeca is supposed to be awesome. No idea about prices, though.

"PHILIP WILLIAMS POSTERS,established in Manhattan in 1973, is the largest vintage poster gallery in the world, with more than 12,600 square feet to display the largest collection of original posters for sale. Our gallery features over 100,000 unique posters dating from 1870 to the present."
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I have used & gifted & really liked 20x200 in the past. They're in the midst of a relaunch right now, but it looks like you can still buy art and gift certificates.
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I really like 20x200 in general, but their lack of forthrightness about what actually happened with the closing/re-opening of the site would make me hesitant to give gift certificates for them right now.
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Thumbtack Press might be a decent option.
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You might check out (Original art plus unique home decor and furniture)
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color bakery
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