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Chrome Browser: When I'm in dev mode and have overrides enabled (for example: "iPhone - iOS 6 / 640x980 / Emulate touch events / CSS media: screen"), Chrome throws a black box over the upper left corner of the web page with status in red text (for example: "Overrides: User-Agent / Device Metrics / Touch / Media") It is omnipresent and unnecessary. How do I turn that black box off?

There's no evident setting for it in either the General or Experiments panes of the Settings panel, nor in chrome://flags, unless I'm missing something.
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From looking through Chromium bug reports, I think they believe this is a feature, not a bug. e.g. this comment:
Well, we had had an avalanche of requests similar to "why are there no mouse events in my page?" That's why this note came up. Unless it's more or less prominent, a major part of our users will never know they are running with the overrides enabled. We may try coming up with a less obstructing yet conspicuous Overrides note. (link)
Small consolation: it does disappear on hover.
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Response by poster: As an update...

Chrome 23.0.1700.77 dropped within the past 36 hours and changes the development environment in a few ways:

The settings panel toggle is moved from the bottom of the development pane to the top, on the same row as search, Elements, Network, Sources...

Overrides have been bundled up and (at user's discretion) been moved to a console drawer tab.

Overrides settings have been reorganized to focus on device-specific emulation.

The red-on-black HUD this question addresses no longer exists. However, the "Emulation" tab auto-appears every time the user reloads the page. Apparently because the Chrome team is really really concerned that you might have forgotten emulation is engaged.

So, a little bit better, a little bit worse.

This question's not really resolved, but it's obsolete, and for my purposes that's close enough to count.
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