Replacement toy missiles for 1970s era robot toy
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So I have this toy, a Getter Poseidon toy. Searching for the toy, it comes up under Getter Poseidon, but I'm not really sure about the brand name or actual year of original production and such. The reason for this askme is I want replacement missiles, which appear to be depicted in this pin, and I wonder if this is a standard missile style and size, and if so where can I buy them?
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You've probably seen this on ebay. That's if the missiles worth $35 apiece (plus free action figure!).

Or maybe search for people with collections and ask directly.

Option 3: Looks like a job for a 3D printer...
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This would be a typical case for monitoring ebay worldwide over a longer period of time.

And: I wanted to suggest 3D printing too. For replacing missing parts in toys and models, that's where the future lies.
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That is more than likely a Mattel Shogun Warrior. Mattel licensed various chogokin from Bandai in the 70s. They put out two main lines: the jumbo Shogun Warriors (24 inch plastic figures), and the 4 inch diecast figures. This one came out in 1979. There are several other Shogun Warriors in that line-up: Mazinger, the other two Getters (Dragun and Raider), Combattra. There are several versions that have some minor differences, but they should all use the same missiles. You can find parts on Ebay.

Source: I collect chogokin.
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As far as 3d printing, you would need a missile to map first, they have a specific shape that allows them to fit into, and be secure in the launchers.
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This Getter is not a Shogun Warrior. The Japanese text on his back doesn't indicate what he is, but if he were a Shogun Warrior I believe he'd have some American markings. Oops, my bad, you might be 100% right.

As to the missiles, it does appear people make replacement missiles for the larger vinyl figures - FB: Shogun Plastics. There's an email contact I'm going to point at this thread.

Definitely fodder for a 3-D printer. artdrectr, I had *not* seen that ebay auction, that's not in my budget for this guy (I bought 1 broken one for $15 and then another broken one for $2 and combined them to make this fellow) - but I should try and set up an ebay alert, I think that's still a thing, to monitor for toys that interest me.
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These missiles look near identical to the firing missiles used in the 1970's Battlestar Galactica toys (also by Mattel). Here's a pic.

These toys may not be quite as collectable as your awesome-looking robot, and may be cheaper to buy. If you go this route, know that the later BSG toys (earlier 80's, maybe?) came with non-firing missiles that only popped out about 1/4 of an inch from the toy.

When I was a kid, I had a cylon raider toy with non-firing missiles. I took it apart, whittled the plastic on the missiles down slightly, and put it back together as a raider with firing missiles.
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mattybonez: They really seem identical at first blush to the banned missiles depicted in the BSG toy here: Top 10 Banned Toys.
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