How to fix Dell Studio XPS 1645 wireless driver installation failure?
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My friend has a Dell XPS 1645. He reinstalled windows 7 today but during the process of installing wireless network driver an error occurred: "No compatible hardware found". Why is that? How can we fix it?

We downloaded the drivers from:
And installed them in the recommended order of:

FYI, device manager only shows "network ethernet adapter" under network controller.

One of the possible cause is we are not able to turn on the wireless card. There is one touch screen button on top of the keyboard. But it didn't help if we turn it on or off. Are there more wifi switches we don't know about?

Also it is possible that we didn't get the correct driver on We tried to install a couple of other wireless drivers: one triggers the same error message; the other one ( installed successfully but nothing happened: still don't show wifi indicator or wifi is still not working or shown in device manager. Can anyone please give us a correct WLAN driver link for this computer?

Thanks a million!!!
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device manager only shows "network ethernet adapter" under network controller

Does it also have a category labelled "other" that shows some unrecognised device, probably marked with a yellow question mark? If so, what are its vendor and device IDs?
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