One pot wonder
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What are some good, inexpensive Low carb rice cooker recipes?

Things like stews and soups and pulled pork which work for rice cookers too!
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Rice Cooker Frittata. You can leave out the potatoes or substitute another vegetable or tofu. I've made this with raw veggies before and it comes out well.
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You can cook lentils in a rice cooker, although that may not be low enough carb for your purposes.
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Roger Ebert, of all people, wrote a cookbook devoted specifically to cooking in a rice cooker. (Even more odd, he wrote it after cancer robbed him of the ability to actually eat.)

Well, okay, it's kind of a cookbook. There are some recipes.

The Pot and How to Use It isn't specifically low carb, but it does talk about things you can do with a rice cooker besides cook rice. And pretty much any non-standard use will be lower carb than what the thing was designed for.
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If you can get one, a crock pot/slow cooker would be a better fit if you want to make soups and things like pulled pork in an electric appliance.
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I like this guy's show, but most are not "low" anything. Some are. I include it because of your one pot requirement.
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What kind of rice cooker do you have?

One of the best rice cooker recipe sources I've found is the amazon reviews for my rice cooker. I know it sounds goofy, but search the reviews for something you're interested in cooking and someone will have tried it and let you know how it went.

That said, if you're really after recipes for chili or pulled pork a crock pot is the best. Just about every goodwill/thrift store has one for under $10.
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You can take any cake batter and cook it til it looks like cake. Steamed cake! Or apparently it's what the British call pudding. So if there are low carb cake recipes, then cake!
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My rice cooker also works as a steamer and a slow cooker. Is this what you have?

If so, my all time best slow cooker recipe is for pepperoncini pulled pork. Self link here:
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I made my previous comment from a phone. I meant to say "in a rice cooker."
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At one point during my military service, the only type of food-heater we had was a rice cooker, so we used it to make just about anything, including omelets, or the Israeli egg dish shakshuka.
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