Hunting for a 1990s scifi novel...
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Around 1999/2000, I read a pair of interesting scifi paperbacks that I can't recall the names of. I keep thinking that the name of one of the books was "Spin," but that's not the right story at all.

Distinguishing characteristics:
  • The main character is a scientist or university student, and he's part of a group that makes first contact with an alien.
  • The alien is named "Wheeler," or something similar, and he wants to sell technology to Earth. He gives them teleportation devices as a "first one's free" kind of gift.
  • The main character and his friend get rich, but realize that the technology is destroying Earth by bleeding off its angular momentum.
  • They're unsuccessful in saving Earth, and the second book opens with (or shortly after) its destruction.
Does that ring any bells?
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Signal to Noise?

The other book you read may have been A Signal Shattered, by the way.
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Seconding webmistress on this. Definitely Signal to Noise.
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Bingo! That's the one, thank you!
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