Help Me Find Some Temp Work
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Hello Metafilter. Please help me identify quality temp/staffing agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a non-technical worker who is especially interested in non-profit placements but am extremely open-minded.

Yelp reviews of the various ones I've identified range from astroturfy to super sketchy. I haven't been able to find previous AskMes on the subject, but please feel free to direct me to them if they exist.

Thank you!
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I've known several people who worked with Apple One and found placements. I'm not sure what your specific skillset is, most of my personal recommendations are geared towards finance and accounting which I have specialized companies I frequently use.
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UCSF has a temporary worker program that I had a very good experience with about a decade ago - good pay, benefits, and an opportunity to convert to permanent.
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I temped in San Francisco back in the day. I signed up with three different agencies and that helped a lot. This was back when, if someone went on vacation, they'd hire a temp to watch the phones and do light filing while the person was away. This is not typical anymore, with voice mail and email and such.

Here's the address for the USCF Temp Worker. Sign up for that.

March of Dimes is looking for Temp Workers.

The thing about temporary staffing is: no one expects you to stick around if it sucks. So register with the folks who seem to have the most placements to offer. Continue to work with the folks who please you the most, drop the rest.

It costs nothing to register with the temp agencies that seem to have the most ads on Career Builder. See what they can do for you.

Don't mention where you'd prefer to work, it marks you as picky. Just tell them, "I'm happy to work wherever within the city. I have a lot of experience with non-profits."

Are you looking to get a Full Time Gig, or is temping appealing to you for flexibility reasons?
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I'm trying to find full-time work, but looking for something that will bridge the cash gap.
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