Help me with a WORD document in PAGES for iPAD
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I'm having problems with the way WORD for iPAD interprets my highlighting passages of a document...

I have been using Pages on my iPAD and then emailing the document, as a WORD document, to myself as a way of saving it. This has been going well, but recently, when I downloaded the WORD document, I found that, when I highlighted one sentence and tried to make its letters bold, the entire document became bold. It’s as if the entire document has become “linked” in some way. Same thing if I try to put a word or sentence or paragraph in italics. Highlighting any part of the document is interpreted as “please highlight the entire document.” (This is a real drag, because in the process of un-bolding the entire document after it bolded itself, I have lost ALL my bold chapter headings, subheadings, etc.)

It’s almost as if this version of WORD that is used by Pages is regarding my document as one image or something. I had noticed in the past that it tends to link things up in a peculiar way that is not typical of WORD for PC. (does anybody know what I’m talking about or have had this experience?)

Anyway, to see if this is a problem with only this particular document, I emailed another document to myself in the same way, and it turns out that I can make an individual sentence bold or italics or anything else just fine in this new document. So I must have done something to the particular document I am speaking about (which is over 200 pages, so this is a real drag) to put it in this “totality of highlighting” state. And I don’t know what that was, or how to fix it, or how not to do it again. Any help appreciated!
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Best answer: Try this fix, which turns of "automatically update" in Update Style:

Just FYI, neither Word nor iPad are acronyms... no need to write them in all caps.
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Response by poster: That worked, so thanks a lot. I wish I knew how to prevent this from happening again when I work in Pages on my iPad (note how I now format those brand names correctly, so thanks again).
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Response by poster: Oh, never mind. It didn't work. It seems that there are some places in the document where I can make single lines bold, and I happened to choose one just now. When I chose another one, the whole document went bold again.

This sucks.

I wish I could switch the text to some other version of Word somewhere and make it "unformatted" somehow.
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