Brooklyn restaurant for one-on-one business meeting
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I am a free-lance bookkeeper seeking new clients. I would like to meet prospects at a Brooklyn restaurant. Ideally it would be moderately priced, available for lunch or dinner, quiet, well-lit and have wi-fi access. Anything that has 4 out of those 5 would be super, and anyplace with all of them is superb.
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Can you specify a neighborhood preference? That would help.
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Agreed- Brooklyn is huge!! It would help to know your neighborhood preference in order to answer the question. Do you have clients who would meet you anywhere regardless of location? I live in the northernmost tip of Brooklyn and would not find it at all convenient to meet my bookkeeper in Sheepshead Bay, for instance- because it would involve over an hour in travel. Are your clients clustered around a certain area? Are you targeting specific neighborhoods?
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Building on Bond
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Response by poster: My prospective clients might come from all over Brooklyn as well, so if you know a good spot, please suggest it regardless of neighborhood. But that does remind me that centrally located is a plus. I'm in Sunset Park, so southern Brooklyn might be better than northern. But I'm willing to travel to make it easier for a prospect, so really anything goes.
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Do you require waiter service, or is ordering at a counter okay?
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Building on Bond is a good one in terms of atmosphere but the service can be very slow (on the other hand, it may improve as they get to know you as a regular).

Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens is usually pretty empty and quiet during lunch time, the food is great, it's well lit but with a cool atmosphere. I'm not 100% sure about wifi but otherwise I think it fits perfectly.
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