What is this four headed snow monster which has cut off one head?
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This is a piece of folk art(?) in a house with many such things. I am house-sitting. Owner is away unreachable and in the past when I have asked her the story behind pieces, she doesn't know; she just buys them because they appeal to her artistically. I keep thinking there must be more of a story to it.

Also, this one is sitting on the desk and it is creeping me the fuck out. Help.
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It looks like a piece by Gary Baseman but other than that, I have no idea. I agree, that's pretty creepy.
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Not folk art, Gary Baseman


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alygator is right! That sculpture is The Buckingham Warrior and it is most excellent. And creepy.
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Thanks!!! I guess knowing it isn't actually some kind of malignant juju monster does help a bit. Very cool to know! Thanks very much!
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