Does this music web site exist or did I just get a good idea?
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Say you have two people who are trying to pick some music they both would like. Is there a web site where each one can suggest a band of their choice, and the site/algorithm/computerese voodoo suggests some third option that's going to appeal to them both based on that input?

I tried looking for this kind of thing, and tried searching under "music compatability" but only got a bunch of dating sites. This strikes me as a sufficiently cool enough idea that someone must have already thought of it. (And if they didn't, someone lemme know and we can team up on making it a project.) Thanks.
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Is there a reason you couldn't just use Pandora for this, using both bands as seeds for a radio station?
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It's not quite what you're looking for, but if you made a Spotify playlist with both your artists and then made a radio station based on that playlist, Spotify will approximate this.
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Duh - I don't use pandora or spotify enough to know that they could do this. Oops.

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Don't forget about Last.FM! Last.FM is a great way to learn about new artists based on artists you already like. Click on any artist or song and each has their own page and shoutbox (aka Wall) where people can talk about what the like about the song/album/artist, etc. It will also show similar artist and other top songs/albums based off of others who also listen to the song/album/artist in question.
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Also groove shark, iTunes, Xbox music, slacker
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If you don't want to start using Spotify/Pandora (or can't, like some parts of the world), there's

I believe this used to be called musicplasma, but musicplasma is now another site which apparently uses data and seems to suck (I've never used either, so I'm not sure why it sucks, just that typing in some of my "fringier" artists gave no connections), whereas Liveplasma has been around since ~2002 or so I think, and is pretty cool. Also it seems to now play a preview song of your selected artist! Bonus!
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