What kind of silk long underwear should I get?
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I'm looking for brand recommendations for sturdy, warm silk long underwear that'd fit a 34" waist and 49" hips. What kind should I buy?

I can find some that fit my waist, and some that fit my hips, but none that claim on their size chart to be able to fit both. Story of my life.

Bonus points for anything I can get in NYC tomorrow, before the serious cold hits on Tuesday, but I'll cheerfully order online if I have to. Help?
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REI's got you covered.
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Fit the hips, I would say.

I would also say, as an owner of the silk underwear, that I got these for Christmas and they are so much awesomer than my silk leggings!! (Probably expensiver too....)
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Ah, but LL Bean's Duofold long underwear is 100% merino wool lined with soft cotton knit.
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Definitely agree with the REI recommendation. I bought a pair of their silk long underwear (and undershirt) last year and they served me very well skiing with wool outerlayers and a hardshell. Very dry, very warm, and very soft. They also stretch, so like the other comment says, fit the hips. (They come in a box, but I'm sure REI will let you try them on. They are very customer-friendly.)

If you feel like going the wool direction (which is not as soft but even more breathable), I'd encourage you to check out Ibex. The 17 micron underlayers are wonderful; not too warm, but they keep you really dry. (The warmth comes from layering, which means you can take off a layer when you're too hot.)
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