How to video stream my radio show?
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How can I set up and stream LIVE video to be viewed through my, or another website?

I run an internet radio show, (encode to Shoutcast) and I'd like to run live video from my PC and Cam to be viewed either A) through the station's website (preferred) or B) through my personal website, so that the listeners can actually see what's going on in the "booth" which is actually my home office.

I've found lots of little software packages, but they all seem to require that the video be pre-recorded. I have ample bandwidth and processing power for doing this.

How can I do it effectively and (hopefully) cheaply?
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It is pretty easy and it can be free. First you have to choose what format your are going to stream. I'd at least try both of these free packages, but there may be something else you like better. Then read the documentation for connecting your camera and linking the feed through your site.

Windows Media Encoder
Real Producer
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Easy and free (software): Apple iSight + Apple QuickTime Broadcaster

Just plug in the camera, open up the Broadcaster, set up a unicast or multicast (with the free QT Streaming Server) live feed, and click OK.

Total cost: $149 for the iSight (less via education), or free if you already have a DV camera or camcorder, or IIDC Firewire camera. Software's free.
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Response by poster: Rothko - this is on a PC - I don't think Isight would work would it?
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