How do I stop my Nokia 3310 from telling me I have a new message when I don't?
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How do I remove "stuck" symbols from my 3310?

I have an old Nokia 3310. A couple of days ago it got confused during a spree of recieved text messages, and the "message waiting" envelope symbol is now permanently on the screen, for no reason. I had the same problem before, but with a different symbol. I took it to an Orange Shop and they typed in a code to make it go.. does anyone know this code?
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Have you deleted the messages? You get that symbol when the mailbox is full.
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cillit bang: There are only 3 messages in my inbox, and none in my outbox - not full by any means, nor do I have any unread messages. I know that that's the function of the symbol but in this case it's just got stuck.
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The "new voicemail" symbol on my phones have always gotten stuck on whenever I end a call to voicemail before waiting for the voice to tell me I have no more new messages. The only way to get rid of it has been to let it do its thing the next time I get a voicemail.

Maybe if you have a friend text you, then deleted it and let the phone do its thing before hitting end, it'll reset?
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me3dia: I know what you mean about the voicemail thing but this is different. I've tried making it reset by recieving texts, but it doesn't work.
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The most likely explanation is that you received a multipart SMS that you then read, but unbeknowst to you one part was still undelivered. This part was then received but the phone can neither link it to another message nor display it on it's own. This message stays on your SIM-card as an unread message until deleted. The solution for this one is easy, just put your sim-card into someone else's non-3310 phone, read and delete the message.
It might also be possible to create a data message that does this on purpose, but I doubt this is the case. Anyways, you should try the first fix first.
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I've fixed it - started deleting messages in my inbox until one just saying *some text missing* was delivered. I then deleted that and it was ok. I wish I hadn't had to delete some sentimentally-kept texts, but oh well.
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