How to beat boredom?
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Hello, I'm on a break between careers. Studied some Chinese language and web design last year but for various reasons that's not appropriate this year.

Where I live is quite noisy which affects my concentration. I'd be interested in activities to beat boredom that don't require much concentration. Please advise what I could, with a self-help / personal development emphasis?

Thanks for any advice.
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yoga, knitting, reading with earplugs, baking bread, 100 pushups.
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-Keeping an audio journal
-Working on improving your doodling (not actual artistic drawing, just doodling)
-Improving your handwriting
-Learning how to give a good massage (requires a partner and a book or youtube guide)
-Whittling shapes out of soap
-Giving advice to other people on online forums
-Educational/simulation video games

Most really cool things that cure boredom over a long time usually require concentration, though.
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What areas of interest do you have (sports, films, technology, etc)?
Is the noise constant (traffic, etc) or does it come and go (noisy roommates or the like)?
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Response by poster: I'm mostly interested in self-improvement, technology, reading, writing, etc.

The noise comes and goes. I find I can't concentrate as well with sound masking, e.g. music.

Thanks for your advice so far.
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Meditating. There are practices that work with sounds, suggest you try them.
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Here is a few AskMetaFilter threads about hobbies:

You may find something in there that gels with your interests?
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