Need recommendation for employment lawyer in Portland OR
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Asking for a friend in Portland OR: she is currently being stonewalled by the university where she works over a discrimination/equal pay/age/gender complaint. Suggestions for an employment lawyer, based on firsthand experience, would be welcome. I will forward replies/memail.
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What university is she from?
Google for employment lawyers near campus.

Sounds like stupid advice, but it's based on experience.

It's THOSE lawyers who have a relationship (albeit, an adversarial one) with the higher ups at the university. So when his letterhead arrives through their fax or he comes walking through their doors, the higher ups get ready to talk.

Seriously, it's these lawyers who say shit like 'yeah ok, big have a point therm but remember the time when you....' And then it ends with a settlement.

Good luck.
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I do not have a specific recommendation, but a good place to start may be the list of lawyers on the website of the National Employment Lawyers Association.
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