portable IMAP client for OS X?
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Is there a portable IMAP client that stores settings on a USB drive for OSX?

For a variety of reasons, my life is now shuffling from computer to computer via a 20 gig USB hard drive. The webmail for my ISP has some serious problems, making IMAP the preferred connection method. On the windows side I've found a portable thunderbird tweak that stores all of the settings in a local drive. However, I've not found an equivalent tweak for OSX. I suppose in a pinch I can just forward everything to my gmail, but I would prefer to have the ability to manage messages on my IMAP inboxes.

So far, my efforts to use the thunderbird profile manager have not been productive.

Option 1: Is there an IMAP client for Macintosh that will load settings from a place other than ~/Library ?

Option 2: Is there a safe way to pack up my settings and take them with me from system to system?
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Possibly not quite what you're looking for, but the Zoë portable webmail client supports IMAP and stores everything cleanly in one directory. (It starts a portable web server and you access it via the browser on localhost).
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