Looking for the perfect Seattle piano teacher!
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Help me find the perfect piano teacher!

I'm not totally sure what style I want to do yet, but I know I'd like to rock out a bit, perhaps learn blues and jazz accompaniment, and also constantly work on singing while playing. I'm really not excited by the prospect of Beethoven or Mozart, though the occasional foray into Satie would be fun. I hope one day to have the confidence to write simple pop/rock/folk songs, accompany other musicians with their own compositions, and play out. I'd love to become a competent sight reader as well. I'm a big fraidy-cat perfectionist about this stuff so practical help pushing me out of my comfort zone would be awesome (recitals?).

I have a strong musical background and can read bass/treble clef already, for whatever it's worth. My past experiences with piano haven't been great, but I'm hoping that if I get to dictate the material a bit more that perhaps I'll be able to enjoy myself. Would like the lessons to be in my home or in NW Seattle (Ballard, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Loyal Heights, Broadview).
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Have you tried Yelp? You can search for piano lessons and then narrow it by neighborhood. I've only ever had one piano teacher and she was okay. I'd suggest making a list of teachers in your desired areas and then setting up a consultation/phone appointment with each one to see if your styles mesh. Good luck! (This a reminder for me to dust off my piano and try to practice regularly, thanks.)
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Check out the Music Center of the Northwest over in Fremont around 96th St. I've taken violin lessons there for years, and they're a great group of folks to work with. Can't speak to their piano lessons, but I imagine that you could find someone to work with there.
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