I need a Walter White phone
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I am currently using an HTC One on Verizon. I need a Verizon phone that will work with my existing number/plan that does the following:

The phone needs to make calls, allow me to send and receive text. A camera would be nice, but is not essential.

The phone also need not surf the web, receive email, or play MP3s. I don't care if it I have to buy it used.

Thanks, as always.
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I bought a Verizon LG env3 for $30 on eBay that meets all of those requirements. It is a charming little blue brick.

My dad also has a Verizon Samsung Convoy that seems quite hardy. It is a charming little clamshell.

I don't think you get much utility buying non-smartphones from the carrier. They're dead cheap from a third party and you don't have to re-up your contract or use your upgrade in case you go back to a smartphone later.
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look on swappa.com. It's like eBay for phones, is very reliable/vetted, you can browse by carrier, and save a fortune.
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I don't understand your question. What you described is literally every phone that exists today. Does your phone "need not" features like web browsing and playing music, or do you specifically not want it to do those things?

You seem to have almost no preferences for features that narrows it down and you don't mention how much you are willing to spend. The only thing we know is it has to be a Verizon phone. So go on Verizon's website and buy any of them. Or buy one on eBay or Amazon. Every Verizon phone matches the criteria you described.
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Response by poster: Sorry to not be clear. I want a Verizon phone that only does calls and text.
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Look for the Samsung UCH-340 or the LG VX8300. They do have basic web or maybe music capability, but any phone you will find now does. They aren't smartphones.
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I think you need to make sure your plan will let you add any phone you want. I have Virgin Mobile, which is a pay-as-you go company, and they have two types of plans -- smart phone plans or cheap old-school phone plans. But barring that, I assume any of these fit the bill.

If all you want is a phone to talk and text, I suspect you are paying way too much on Verizon, depending on how much you use your phone. I'd recommend checking out Virgin Mobile's "PayLo" plans -- you can pay $40 a month for unlimited talking and texting. I personally prefer providers like Virgin Mobile because there are no contracts and you can cancel or switch plans anytime.
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If it helps, the category you're looking for is "feature phone" (i.e. not a "smart phone).

The LG Env2 and Env3 are good solid phones, I had one for a while - you get the 10-key phone layout and also the full QWERTY keyboard for texting.

If you want a fliphone, you can't go wrong with a Samsung Convoy. They are quite durable!

Either of those should be cheap on eBay. As long as the phone is Verizon compatible it is very easy to activate on your line, you just call Verizon and tell them you want to do an "ESN swap."
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