Advice on getting last minute appointment with new dentist
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Last night bonding that filled in a sizable part of my front tooth (chipped in childhood) fell out. It is not too painful (just sensitive to hot and cold) so is certainly not a dental emergency, but is very noticeable and I'd like to have it addressed ASAP. I have recently moved to a new area and have not yet had a routine cleaning with a local dentist, though I have a recommendation from a friend. I called that office and a few others covered by my insurance this morning but they all appear to be closed over the weekend. Will a new dentist see me with little notice to fix the issue if I am not a current patient? Also is the best approach to leave a message now or call early Monday? Or do I need to contact my last dentist (who I didn't particularly like and who is a 35 minute drive) for better luck getting a last minute appointment?
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I have had really good luck getting last minute emergency appointments, and I think your tactic of calling is good-- call again as soon as they open on Monday as many places have one or two spots that they save for urgent things like this.

I don't know if you're still in the Philly area, but it's possible that the snow has caused more office cancellations and closures than usual, which may be why they haven't responded. Memail me if you are interested in a rec for a great dentist in Bryn Mawr.
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My dentist office is great at fitting in last minute stuff - they got me in right away when I chipped a tooth, and once when I was there for a cleaning they scheduled a quick additional procedure. I think they must schedule appointments to allow for stuff like that. I would call the new place first thing on Monday so you can talk to someone in person, and they will likely be able to get you in.
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I think almost all dental practices have a few slots every day for emergencies so if you call the minute they open you'll probably be in the chair before noon.
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I had a dental emergency involving two cracked teeth a few years ago when I was between dentists, and the new office I called fit me in immediately when I explained the situation. (And, of course, they gained me as a loyal patient ever since.) Call right as they open on Monday and I'll bet you'll be in either that day, or Tuesday at the latest.
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Yeah, you'll probably get the fastest response by calling on Monday morning, in my experience. I had a great experience in my last dental emergency, so much so that I switched to that dentist permanently. Maybe see if any of the practices in your area are both highly rated and offer emergency care, if you're really concerned about getting in on Monday.
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Have you tried searching for a dentist whose practice is located in a mall? They're often open over the weekend if you don't want to wait until Monday to try for a quick appointment.
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I had a cracked wisdom tooth last month and made an appointment at a new dentist for the next day, and he referred me to a specialist to get it pulled.
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Bonding fell out? Go to the supermarket and get some temporary filling to fill the hole until Monday. If you feel it's really urgent, I think this is worth calling your old dentist (35 minutes really isn't that far to drive if it's urgent for you). In my experience, though, Saturday appointments are hard to come by unless you're an established patient. Otherwise, wake up at 7 on Monday and start calling places. That's your best bet.
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I'd call your friend's dentist first thing Monday morning. They can probably fit you in that day or the next. My fiance didn't have a regular dentist in the town we were living in, and he chipped a tooth and called my dentist up and they were able to fit him in immediately. Dentists are totally used to this kind of thing.
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I got in that Monday to see a dentist when I needed a root canal and wasn't a regular (my old dentist had just fired me). It's doable. Maybe look around for some online recommendations of dentists before you start calling, though?
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This is considered a dental emergency! I have had the same thing happen! How stressful! Dentists should be able to see you the same day if it's a practice with multiple dentists in the same office. In my area, we have practices like Willamette Dental and Gentle Dental to name a few. Both have seen me within hours on a Monday morning call.
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