Web-based flow chart software?
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Are there any decent web based applications for creating flow-charts / organizational charts?
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It smacks me as odd that anyone needs a specialty software to create a flowchart when they can be easily whipped up using something as basic as MSPaint. I mean a flowchart is just boxes and arrows, no? You don't have to be Paul Rand to draw one by hand....

Nevertheless I can do a Google search for you, no problemo! Maybe this one will work?
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The problem with using something like paint is that flow charts are just that, flowing. Just when you think your chart is finished you end up rearranging the whole thing, and doing that with a tool like paint is a nightmare.
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Maybe so. Typically organizational charts don't change much. It's a matter of sketching it out in pencil and then when you are satisfied, draw it. I also have a pen tablet and photoshop so any changes that need to be made are a snap. Try GIMP if you need more options than MSPaint.
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You haven't worked in my organizations ....
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